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You can actually visit Indiana Jones’ boyhood home in Colorado

ANTONITO, Colo. (KDVR) – There is a lot of talk these days about Indiana Jones, with the new Dial of Destiny movie just released in theaters

Something you may not know, however, is that the iconic character’s boyhood home is actually located in Antonito, Colorado.

Antonito is located in the southern part of Colorado, about a four-and-a-half-hour drive from Denver. The town is small but charming.

“I have been here almost seven years. It has cool little restaurants, it has cool little shops in it. It’s about six hundred people here,” said Sabra Lynn.

You could say Sabra Lynn is a fan of Indiana Jones, so much so that she bought his “childhood home” and made an Indiana Jones-themed bed and breakfast out of it.

This was the house in Antonito where the opening shots of the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie were shot.

Deceased actor River Phoenix portrayed Indiana Jones as a young boy and filmed a scene here.

“They filmed portions of the movie in the living room here, and then also portions in the dining room,“ said Lynn.

Once inside, a disappointed Indiana Jones fan you will not be.

Photographs, autographs, memorabilia, and even the original mailbox that was used in the movie are here for fans of Indy to get their ‘Jones’ on.

Lynn considers herself a superfan of the series as well.

“My aunt would take us around dinosaur digs and Indian digs. I didn’t want to be an archaeologist. I just wanted the adventure,” said Lynn.

You may come for the adventure and the B&B, but if you stop and listen, you just might hear Indy himself in this old house.

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