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Denverites are stressed about work

DENVER (KDVR) — Denverites aren’t stressed about money, health, safety or family, but they’re working themselves hard to avoid that stress.

Researchers at WalletHub compared more than 180 cities across 39 key metrics to determine stress levels, considering everything from average weekly work hours to the unemployment rate to divorce and suicide rates. The final results were grouped into four broad categories of stress: work stress, financial stress, family stress and health and safety stress.

It turns out Denverites are among the most stressed out by work nationwide. The city ranks fifth for work stress. This puts it among other workaholic strongholds. Washington, D.C. ranks first, followed by Chicago, New York City and Baltimore.

Overall, however, Denver has an average ranking for total stress levels, 74th overall. The work stress seems to lead to more money to smooth over the rest of life’s issues. Of 180 cities, Denver ranks 139 for financial stress, 105 for family stress and 98 for health and safety stress.

Denver is home to some of the highest education levels and the attendant high-income jobs in lucrative areas of science, technology and engineering. Incomes have risen more quickly than in other states as wealthier residents cycle in and less wealthy residents cycle out.

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