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Japan Rain: Heavy rains cause flooding and mudslides in southwest Japan, where at least 6 people are missing | World News – Times of India

TOKYO: Torrential rain has been pounding southwestern Japan, triggering floods and mudslides and leaving at least six people missing Monday.
Rains falling on the regions of Kyushu and Chugoku since the weekend caused flooding along a number of rivers as well as mudslides, closing roads, disrupting trains and cutting the water supply in some areas.
The Japan Meteorological Agency issued an emergency heavy rain warning for Fukuoka and Oita prefectures on the southern main island of Kyushu, urging residents in riverside and hillside areas to take maximum caution. More than 1.7 million residents in vulnerable areas were urged to take shelter.
The Fire and Disaster Management Agency said at least six people were missing.
In the town of Soeda in Fukuoka prefecture, two people were buried underneath a mudslide. One was rescued alive, but the other was found without vital signs, the agency said. Further information on their condition wasn’t immediately available.
In the city of Karatsu in Saga prefecture, rescue workers were searching for three people whose houses were hit by a mudslide, the agency said.
Three others were missing elsewhere in the region.
Footage on NHK television showed muddy water from the swollen Yamakuni River gushing over a bridge in the town of Yabakei in Oita prefecture.

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