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Man found dead after being trapped in freezer

A man has been found dead after being trapped in a freezer in a Minnesota house, according to police.

Brandon Lee Buschman’s body was discovered on 26 June in the basement’s chest freezer following reports he was seen fleeing from the upstairs of a property due to a possible police presence nearby.

The 34-year-old had an active outstanding warrant for his arrest.

It is believed from evidence at the scene that he had willingly entered the freezer, according to the Gilbert police department report.

An autopsy revealed no trauma or injury.

The appliance was not on at the time his body was found as no utilities had been connected at the house since last April.

The house itself has been unoccupied since February 2023.

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An investigation found a metal rod inserted from the inside of the freezer which had become stuck in a failed attempt to pry open the latching mechanism.

The police said: “Evidence on the scene indicates Buschman entered the freezer on his own accord.”

They added: “The freezer was an older model with a latching mechanism on the outside. When closed, the freezer is not capable of being opened from the inside.”

Investigators are trying to narrow down a more accurate date when Buschman was last seen alive.

Final autopsy reports relating to toxicology will be available in due course.

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