If the bailout package of the IMF is not met soon, there is a risk of bankruptcy of Pakistan, Sheikh Rasheed

Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed says that there is a risk of bankruptcy of Pakistan if the IMF bailout package is not received soon.

Sheikh Rasheed has issued a statement on social media commenting on the current economic situation of Pakistan.

Sheikh Rasheed has said in his tweet that we are going through the worst economic and political crisis in history, foreign exchange reserves have decreased to a dangerous level, the poor is on the ventilator, neither the stove is burning, nor the electricity. Bills, no child fees.

Sheikh Rasheed has written in a tweet that political chaos, distraction and instability are leading Pakistan to destruction, whether the intervention is soft or hard, everyone has to save the country together.

He further said that every single day is precious and everyone has to save the country together, otherwise people will take their decisions in their own hands.

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